About Us


Waterpark National School opened on 3rd September 2001. When the school opened there were 59 pupils and three teachers. Today that number has grown to 240 pupils and 13 teachers.

General Information

Waterpark National School is a co-educational primary school located in Waterford City. under the patronage of the Roman Catholic Bishop of Waterford and Lismore and is housed in a building which was formerly used as a monastery by the Irish Christian Brothers on grounds beside of Waterpark College.

The school has grown substantially since it opened in 2001 and over 230 pupils now attend the school.

The children are taught in single grade classrooms and the school has the services of Special Education Teachers. Thirteen fully qualified teachers are currently employed in the school and six Special Needs Assistants cater for children with additional needs. 

As a Roman Catholic school, daily prayer, Religious Education and Sacramental preparation are core elements of the daily life of the school. However, children of all faiths are welcome in Waterpark National School and the religious background of every child is respected and cherished.

Mission Statement

Waterpark National School is a Co-Educational, Catholic Primary School which aims to help each child enjoy the learning process, acquire self-esteem, self-discipline and reach his/her full potential within a happy, caring and secure environment. 

Over the years since the school opened, the Department of Education and Skills has grant aided the refurbishment of the school building including: refurbishment of four classrooms and a Learning Support/Resource Room in the main building; construction of a Mainstream classroom and Learning Support/Resource Room; Roof and gutter repairs: Boundary wall replacement; Window Replacement & Electrical and Mechanical Upgrade.

We completed a large extension in 2015. This consisted of four large, modern, state of the art classrooms and two Learning Support/Resource Rooms. Our previous building has also been refurbished and it includes a new staff room, a new Principal’s Office and a revamped Secretary’s Office.

Over the past number of years our school has grown from strength to strength. The Board of Management, the Principal, Orla Collins, Deputy Principal, Aileen Moriarty and Post Holders play a key role in creating and sustaining an environment that underpins high quality pupil care, teaching and learning. Waterpark draws on a large pool of talent, wisdom and expertise, by including teachers, students and parents in decision making processes. This sharing of responsibilities in Waterpark has made the school more inclusive and self-reflective because more people are exchanging important information, discussing issues and making decisions collaboratively. The Parents Association play a vital role in promoting the interests of the students through fundraising and through the organisation of various events. Pupil voice is valued and celebrated at Waterpark National School and our innovative student council are also involved in the decision-making process. They have introduced many new initiatives which promote and enhance the wellbeing of our school community. 

At Waterpark, there is an excellent school spirit as teachers are passionate and dedicated. They are also professionally alert and align curriculum, instruction and assessment to facilitate and foster students’ learning. All pupils, especially those with special educational needs experience success and affirmation. Intellectually stimulating learning environments are maintained for students where they are made to feel engaged and invested in school. Our teachers endeavour to design, implement and reflect on teaching strategies and resources and are constantly striving for progress. In addition, teachers are constantly monitoring student progress and adjusting instruction accordingly to meet the needs of all pupils under their care. 

Our school takes pride in promoting the holistic development of our pupils and the pupils’ wellbeing is centred in everything we do. In the past, we have celebrated success in various health promoting initiatives including Green Schools, Active School Flag and Health Promoting schools. Last year we engaged in the Curious Minds STEM Programme for the first time. This not only developed STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) learning and engagement but we also received recognition for the amazing work being done. Waterpark pupils also enjoy participating and developing their sporting talents in various activities including soccer, hurling, camogie, gymnastics, orienteering and basketball. Active week is also celebrated annually and pupils participate in a variety of sports and also enjoy a whole school visit to Tramore Beach.  

Our pupils’ immense creative abilities were also harnessed as each and every child became an esteemed author with the publication of our whole school book titled We are Writers. This is something that families will treasure for a lifetime. Pupils also showcase their talents at our annual Carol Service in St. John’s Church. The children shine on this special occasion which usually marks the beginning of the festive period at Waterpark. In addition, the school choir played a pivotal role in our Fundraising Concert. They were supported by the Barrack Street Concert Band and the event was an great success. 

Above all, we have a clear mission and vision for our school. All staff understand this core vision, where it springs from and where it leads to and how we are contributing to the future educational potential of our pupils. Waterpark National School is a Co-Educational, Catholic Primary School which aims to help each child enjoy the learning process, acquire self-esteem, self-discipline and reach his/her full potential within a happy, caring and secure environment.