‘A health promoting school can be characterized as a school which is constantly strengthening its capacity as a healthy place in which to live, learn and work.’ (WHO, 1997)

We are currently implementing the Health Promoting School (HPS) process in our school.

The process is about putting an extra focus on health and wellbeing in school. The HPS process provides a framework which encourages teachers, students and parents to look at how our health and wellbeing can be built upon for all who learn and work within the school setting.

Health Promoting Schools (HPS) is not a once-off project, but a whole-school approach to all aspects of health and well-being. With this in mind a HPS working group has been created. This comprises of students, staff and parents.

There are four parts to the HPS model:
• Environment (both physical and social)
• Curriculum and Learning
• Policy and Planning
• Partnerships (Family and Community Links).

We look forward to updating you on the developments of health promotion in our school as time goes on.