Active School Flag

We are delighted to inform you that Waterpark National School have been successful in achieving our second Active School Flag. The Active School Flag is awarded to schools that strive to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community. Please see below some of the areas we have developed to help us with this.

Section 1 – Physical Education

  • Waterford Gymnastics were invited to come to our school to teach Junior and Senior Infants, and 1st Class Gymnastics 
  • From September to November the children engaged in a local initiative ‘Beat the Street’ developed by Intelligent Health. As part of the outdoor and adventure activities strand every class took part. Using a map of the city, the children found ‘beat-boxes’ around the city tagging their fobs gaining points for our school. 

Section 2 – Physical Activity

  • Our new playground markings, planned in collaboration with the children are enjoyed by children at break-times ensuring they are more active.
  • On rainy days, teachers ensure to get the children active in their classrooms for at least ten minutes whether it is via active brain breaks, meditation, dance breaks, go noodle activities etc. They children adore these and it ensures they are not sitting in their seat all day.
  • We have introduced our newest idea yet called ‘Work Together Wednesday’. The active committee have worked hard on listing suitable playground games for all classes, sharing them with classes, asking teachers to go through them with the children and we are encouraging all children to engage in these every day, notably on a Wednesday.
  • The introduction of our ceilí last year for Seachtain na Gaeilge was well received by all children and teachers! Thanks to Noeleen O’Neill for helping us to coordinate this!
  • Basketball was introduced as an after school activity last year for 5th and 6th class boys and girls by Ms Kelly.
  • This year, we are delighted to announce a new after school activity. 3rd class boys and girls have begun Yoga every Wednesday with Ms. Lydon.
  • For the last three years Active Travel month in June has been a great success. It is evident in that month that more and more children each year are, cycling, walking or scooting some or all of the way to school. Our reward of a free PE class of their choice is a great incentive to get up a few minutes early!
  • This October WOW (Walk on Wednesday) was launched by the Greenies. This is a great opportunity for friends and neighbors to pick a meeting point and walk to school on any Wednesday.

Section 3 – Partnerships

  • Our active motto ‘Run 4 Fun, Jump 4 Joy, Try to be an ACTIVE girl or boy!’ was created by a pupil to encourage children in our school to be more active. You will see this motto in every classroom in our school.
  • Our ‘Earned not Given’ wall is on display on the stairs in the old building. We love celebrating sporting achievements that children receive outside of school. Now this is an active board!
  • Each family received a laminated list for their fridge entitled ‘Let’s get active with clubs/activities in our local area’. The active committee help to collate a list of clubs that the children in are school are in. This was circulated to encourage children who are not in any clubs to join. We were amazed by the amount of clubs the children in our school are in.
  • The children thoroughly enjoyed getting involved in Beat the Street this year, an initiative created by Intelligent Health with support from Waterford Sports Partnership.
  • The school take any opportunity to be involved in an active week. In September we took part in the European Week of Sport. Swimming, gaelic football, cycling, cycle safety and orienteering with Beat the Street were some of the activities that took place that week.
  • Thanks to the RSA, every class now has their very own set of visi-vests.

Section 4 – Active Week

  • Last year we had one of our best Active Weeks yet. We love active week in our school because it promotes the benefits and importance of keeping active both in and out of school. Children wear their tracksuit every day. Some of the highlights last year included; whole school beach day, sports gear day, Walking Bus! Walk on Wednesday. Activities included cricket, yoga, golf, athletics, tag rugby, tug-o-war, sports day, soccer, boxing, tennis, martial arts, gymnastic, disco with DJ Andy and much more! The only way to finish a school year!